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Through an active and caring example and using an outcomes based education (OBE) methodology, all the staff at Scottsville aim to:

  • convey that God created the universe and all things on the earth and He placed man, who He created in His image, to look after all His creation (Genesis)
  • empower scholars in the knowledge that as young as they are they can make a difference through their actions
  • engender on attitude of mending and conserving the environment for themselves and their pupils, introducing the scholars to the : commercial; political; social and cultural aspects of the environment as well as biophysical
  • encourage voluntary involvement, through a built-up interest in all things environmental, leading towards a sustainable future
  • provide a suitable environment for such education to take place
  • create as many opportunities as possible for relevant EE to take place in the new Curriculum 2005 syllabus both inside and outside the classroom
  • work as a team to help make Scottsville School a recognized and leading EE institution that passes on students to the high schools who have a deep seated and active concern for the environment
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