Scottsville Primary School

Founded 1915

The School That Cares


Proud of our title "The School That Cares", Scottsville is made up of these three main sections: Scottsville Gardens Pre-Primary (an independent Pre-Primary, affiliated to Scottsville Primary School), Scottsville Junior Primary and Scottville Senior Primary.

Together our focus and commitment is to deliver a holistic and quality education. On a daily basis, our educators are consistent in assuring that we provide a safe, family-orientated environment, promoting a sense of well-being for each of our learners. Enabling effective learning, this also allows each child to grow into confident, accomplished young men and women. 

The ethos at Scottsville School include these values: Love, Respect, Honesty, Humility, Self-control, Accountability and Patience  

Through an active and caring example, Scottsville School educators go beyond their call of duty, working hand in hand with parents to enable children to reach their full potential.