Scottsville Primary School

Founded 1915

The School That Cares


Foundation Phase (Grades 1 to 3) 

Motivated by a committed and dedicated team of educators, Scottsville Junior Primary offers an       all-inclusive, comprehensive education in a nurturing, caring and happy environment. Children in the foundation phase are cheerfully welcomed into the learning environment each day. Working in partnership with parents, we place emphasis on the holistic development of each child. Within the classroom and in assembly, we aim to ingrain positive moral values within each child, as they are encouraged to grow to reach their full potential with dignity and respectability. We have our own assembly every week on a Thursday. 

  A wide range of sporting and cultural activities includes soccer, cricket, swimming, tag rugby, ball skills, art, craft, hockey and more. Junior Primary learners enjoy their lunch break separately from the Senior Primary.   Keeping up with current educational ICT (Information and Communication Technology) trends, each classroom is equipped with an interactive Mimeo board and internet access. Academically, we follow the “Time 2 Read” Literacy programme and the “Number Sense” Mathematics programme. To ensure that our learners receive the individual attention that they may require, each grade is supported with a Teaching Assistant as well as the Learning Support Team. Ongoing support to accommodate the interests and needs of all learners is part of the Foundation Phase curriculum programme at the school. 

Incorporated into the school day are Music, Library, Computer, Physical Education and Swimming lessons. In Grade 1 and 2 both Afrikaans and isiZulu languages are taught. Each learner then makes a decision to continue with either Afrikaans or isiZulu in Grade 3. Each year, various whole school and specific to Junior Primary events take place. Whole school events include tekkie day, fruit and veg collection, civvies, staff vs pupil sport, production shows, cake sales, market week, etc. Junior Primary events include the Letterland Parade, outings to the Sharks Board, Butterflies to Africa, teddy picnics, Mini Comrades, Sports Day and more.  Children are encouraged to learn through play, to grow in confidence and independence and to become critical thinking, lifelong learners. 

Intermediate and Senior Phase (Grades 4 to 7) 

As our boys and girls progress from the Foundation Phase to Senior Primary, our dedicated team of educators ensure that the transition is a smooth one. We continue to build on the concepts and values that were introduced in the Foundation Phase. Scottsville is committed to providing a sound, stimulating, wholesome and dynamic learning environment using a variety of resources, thereby catering for the needs of all learners.  To keep abreast with technology, each educator has access to the internet within the class and each class is equipped with audio-visual technology thus encouraging interactive learning.  

Exposed to educational experiences both within and outside the school, our learners are encouraged to explore, experiment, interact, think, reason and express their creative talents in order to reach their full academic potential. Quizzes, Conquestas, Olympiads, Grade evenings, Productions, Market day, field trips and outings are just a few of the exciting activities the learners are exposed to. Scottsville School educators recognise each child as an individual for who they are. Our commitment is to ensure a daily, child-centred, holistic approach to teaching and learning. A healthy mental, physical and social development is encouraged through self-discipline and a healthy work environment.  Nurturing and grooming are the key elements to ensure that Scottsville learners are mature and ready to take on the challenges that await them in high school.