Scottsville Primary School

Founded 1915

The School That Cares


The music atmosphere is most vibrant at Scottsville Primary School. Learners from Grade 1 - 7 look forward to their music class, where group music lessons take place. Various musical styles are presented to broaden their musical knowledge, as well as to encourage a creative and an expressive music fashion, while equipping our learners to sing with freedom and joy.

In music class, the learners sing various songs, along with the accompanied background sound of the piano. With practice and determination, they become aware of correct voice production, and how to develop these skills. Familiarizing our learners with musical terms, such as piano, forte, crescendo and diminuendo, learners are introduced to music theory and also different musical eras.

Within drumming class, we focus on the developing our learner’s rhythmic co-ordination. Various rhythms are played and learners must try to imitate them.
Junior Primary classes have their own hymn practice periods, as do the Senior Primary. During these hymn practice sessions, our focus is on the excellence of singing for assemblies and other special events.

Finally, our Choir meets every Friday where they engage in choral practice. Here again, voice training is engaged in at the start of practice. Thereafter, different types of songs, in unison, harmony, and solo singing is developed.