Scottsville Primary School

Founded 1915

The School That Cares


At Scottsville Primary School we believe that schools hold a vital role in preparing the youth of today; to take their place as informed, enthusiastic, and empowered individuals, who will be crucial in shaping the future of our province, our country and our global environment.

 It is with great pride and determination that we uphold our title as an ongoing WESSA Eco-School (an international environmental organisation). Together with WESSA Eco-Schools, we aim to initiate and support high impact environmental and conservation projects to promote participation (internally and outreaching to the community) in caring for the earth.

Some of our more recent environment projects include: planting of over 1500 indigenous trees to date, MiniSASS (Stream Assessment Scoring System), many Water Explorer challenges, such as Water Awareness Festivals, Shopping Centre Displays, Fund Raisers, and more... Most of these projects are CAPS (curriculum) aligned, which allows for influential educator and learner engagement; encouraging each person to achieve their full potential towards a sustainable future.

With the fervent efforts of our dedicated staff members, our conservancy engagements date back to well over 25 years, and we aspire to educate many more generations to come for this worthy cause of conservational awareness.