Scottsville Primary School

Founded 1915

The School That Cares

ADMISSIONS (Admissions closed for 2020)

This school is a public, co-educational primary school serving the Scottsville community. We aim to offer and maintain the highest possible standard of education to classes from Grade RR to Grade 7.

Admission Criteria

1) Prospective pupils must turn 5 years old in the year of their entry into Grade RR
2) Prospective pupils must turn 6 years old in the year of their entry into Grade R
3) Prospective pupils must turn 7 years old in the year of their entry into Grade 1
4) Prospective pupils must not be more than 18 months older than the average age of the grade into which entry is required
5) Preference will be given to those pupils:
• to whom Scottsville School is the closest to where they permanently reside;
• who have siblings currently at the school
6) Should place permit, consideration will be given to those pupils residing in the school’s broader community
7) No applications will be considered until all the relevant admission documents have been supplied

• Completed Application Form
• Certified copy of pupil’s ID documents
• Certified copy of both Parents’ ID documents
• Certified copy of latest school report
• Certified copy of Immunisation Card
• Proof of Address (Rates or Electricity Account)
• Transfer Card from previous school
• Proof may be requested regarding any information supplied to the school
Any false information knowingly supplied will disqualify the applicant and the application will not be considered.


1) Applications close at the end of March each year for entry into the school the following year
2) The Headmaster and the Admissions Committee will make the final decision on the admission of a child which will be based on the criteria listed under Admissions Criteria
3) Successful applicants, along with their parents, will be required to attend an entrance interview to be conducted by the Headmaster, the respective Principal or his nominated delegate. The purpose of the interview is to acquaint the parents and child of the opportunities open to the child and explain the partnership between the parent, child and teacher
4) A letter of Acceptance will be handed out to parents at the interview
5) Unsuccessful applicants will be advised in writing by early June
6) After the interview the names and particulars of all pupils accepted will be entered on the school’s database and in the school’s Admission Register
7) A Parent Information Booklet will be sent to every family at the beginning of each academic. Such a booklet will contain policies and procedures relating to the school. This is updated annually.

Parent Undertaking

1) Parents of prospective pupils seeking admission to the school shall undertake to (as stipulated in the Admission Form)
2) Ensure that their child abides by the school rules as amended from time to time with specific reference to:
• school attendance
• school uniform
• conduct
• homework policy
• participation in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities
3) Pay the School Fees as determined by the Governing Body

Grade Sizes

The following maximum numbers per grade will apply:
• Grade RR - 50 pupils per grade - Scottsville Gardens Pre-Primary School
• Grade R - 100 pupils per grade- Scottsville Gardens Pre-Primary School
• Grade 1 - 104 pupils per grade
• Grade 2 - 112 pupils per grade
• Grade 3 - 120 pupils per grade
• Grade 4-7 - 128 pupils per grade.


This school will respect the promotion criteria of another recognized/registered school.
Siblings of pupils at this school are not automatically assured of admission. This is dependent on place available.
The Headmaster shall be fully entitled to exercise his professional judgment on admissions at all times.