Scottsville Primary School

Founded 1915

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Information and Communication Technology skills are of paramount importance in this day and age. Here at Scottsville Primary School our vision for the IT department for the past decade has been to empower each learner with the various ICT skills they need to see them into high school and yonder.
Our focus on these skills start as early as Grade 1, where we use each consequent year to build on the previous years’ work and skills gained by every learner. Over the years, we have encouraged our learners and teachers to use and integrate the ICT skills taught during each computer lesson and various workshops conducted, into the everyday teaching and learning that takes place. It is now a common sight walking past one of our classrooms and seeing a learner using the technology in the classroom to present an assignment or project using multimedia and applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint , Microsoft Word, etc. Some of our learners use the skills we teach in the IT department to represent our school and community in various presentations of the amazing environmental work we do at Scottsville Primary School.
Keeping up with the various trends of the IT world that are relevant to our learners at Scottsville Primary School , we work closely with Microsoft who give us access to the latest versions of their software and applications. We use their applications to teach Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation and Research skills to our learners from Grade 1 to Grade 7. The Grade 7 learners were encouraged to use all their ICT skills over the years, to create a MCQ quiz/game using PowerPoint. We are proud of each learner who has put in an effort to create his or her very own interactive quiz. We do know that these problem solving and research skills will see each child into the future no matter what their endeavours are.
In terms of the Information Technology at Scottsville Primary School, we use our Interactive boards and/or Internet Access and Multimedia Hardware as resources when integrating ICT in the classroom. We have also introduced a new Information System under the guidance of the Department Of Education.